Clean Water

Mobile Steam and Pressure Washing Services in Saskatoon, SK

We are entrepreneurs through and through, and as such, we understand the challenges of running businesses. Building a brand and maintaining your corporate image is key to long-term success, and Arrowhead Industrial is here to help.

Company Mission 

The owners, Nic and Dean, started Arrowhead after having spent decades working in a variety of industries including mining, heavy construction, oil and gas, agriculture, aviation, etc. Based on their own experiences when hiring mobile washing companies, they felt there was a need for an industrial services company that provided its clients with a level of service that was not available.

Making things clean makes us feel good, and we love what we do, but building long-term relationships with our clients is what really determines whether we are meeting the goals that we set out to achieve. If we can do this, while maintaining the highest safety standards and minimizing any negative impact on the environment, then that is the real measure of our success.

Mobile Steam and Pressure Washing Services in Saskatoon, SK