Clean Water


Whether you need wet/dry steam for cleaning or thawing your equipment, hot water pressure washing services, water trucks, or waste water containment washing mats, Arrowhead Industrial would like to help.

Arrowhead Industrial is based in Saskatoon, SK, but operates throughout the province. We will service our clients wherever they need us.

Our tandem axle trucks carry more than 8000 liters of water, allowing us to wash for a full day without having to refill, saving our clients both time and money. They are equipped with several chemical foams and washing agents to help intensify the cleaning process. Our steam units are perfect for thawing pipelines, drains, culverts, valves, and just about any type of equipment, as well as steam cleaning in the harsh winter months. For getting into tighter spaces, we have high-pressure hot water self-contained mobile wash trailers to get the job done.

Pressure Washed Combines

In addition to pressure washing, Arrowhead Industrial has equipment for washing parkades, parking lots, sidewalks, wastewater containment mats specifically designed for washing rail equipment, as well as water trucks for water hauling, dust suppression, fire control, or prevention. We can also supply vacuum trucks, boom lifts, or any other equipment that the job requires.

Power Washing Services


  • Earthmoving / heavy equipment
  • Oilfield trucks, drilling/service rigs & machinery
  • Mining equipment & infrastructure
  • Agriculture machinery
  • Rail cars, locomotives & facilities
  • Industrial buildings, tanks & equipment
  • Livestock barns, grain bins & farm buildings
  • Factories, warehouses & shops


  • Semi-trucks, trailers & tankers
  • Car lots & equipment dealerships
  • Buses, sanitation & landfill equipment
  • Gas stations, restaurants & drive-thru lanes
  • Malls, retail outlets, awnings & signboards
  • Parkades, parking lots & dumpster pads
  • Planes, helicopters & hangers
  • Sports facilities & arenas


  • Apartment, condo & townhouse developments
  • Driveways, sidewalks & parking lots
  • Barns, outbuildings & riding arenas
  • RVs, campers, stock trailers & boats

Specialty Cleaning

  • Agriculture / food grade clean-outs
  • Graffiti removal
  • Non-corrosive aluminum brightening
  • Sanitization and disinfectant cleaning
  • Ozone disinfecting and odour removal